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The IAKS Congress has recorded a good level of registrations. In big demand are the 4-day tickets that entitle holders to attend all 13 sessions and workshops.

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sb 4/2015: 50 Years of the IAKS & FSB 2015

sb 3/2015: Pools and wellness facilities



The winners of the IOC/IPC/IAKS Awards will be honoured on the 27th of October in Cologne with a festive gala dinner.


IAKS members cover a broad range of activities and services around sports and leisure facilities.

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Welcome to IAKS - International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities

22.September 2015 | Awards

IOC/IPC/IAKS Award 2015 infotrailer

Exceptional architectural design, strong functional planning, sustainability and legacy – the IOC/IPC/IAKS architectural prizes award the world's best sports and leisure facilities.

17.September 2015 | Congress

New findings from FIFA’s Quality Programme for Football Turf

The outdoor sports facilities forum will take place for the first time at FSB 2015. The event will open on 27 October 2015 with FIFA's seminar...


17.September 2015 | Congress

Expert advice in big demand

The 24th IAKS Congress has recorded a good level of registrations from home and abroad. In big demand are the 4-day tickets that entitle holders to attend all 13 sessions and workshops.


09.September 2015 | Congress

Swimming Pool & Wellness Forum: Programme online

For the sixth time now the Cologne Swimming Pool and Wellness Forum takes place in conjunction with FSB, aquanale and IAKS Congress from 27 to 30 October 2015 in Cologne.


08.September 2015 | sb Magazine

"sb" 3/2015: Impluvium Gold - Coast Aquatic Centre

The Gold Coast Aquatic Centre will be the swimming and diving facility for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. It has been created through the recycling and expansion of the old Southport Pool and is located within the Broadwater Parklands, a highly popular recreational resource on the Gold Coast.


25.August 2015 | sb Magazine

"sb" 3/2015: Rowd Puller “Okeraue“ Municipal pool in Wolfenbüttel

In the northern German town of Wolfenbüttel, the new “Okeraue” municipal pool opened in July 2014 after 22 months for construction.