The IOC/IAKS Award and the IPC/IAKS Distinction are the most important international architecture prizes for sports, leisure and recreational facilities.

Every two years since 1987, the IOC/IAKS Award is commending sports and leisure facilities of exemplary design and function. The winning projects can be new buildings or existing facilities that have been extended or modernized. The competition is sponsored by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities (IAKS).

Together with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), the IAKS is also awarding the IPC/IAKS Distinction for sports and leisure facilities suitable for persons with a disability. The IPC/IAKS Distinction aims to promote accessibility to sports facilities and all other buildings in order to give opportunities to practice or view sport freely and without barriers to all people, regardless of their physical abilities. More…

In addition, IOC, the IPC and the IAKS are giving the Architecture and Design Award for Students and Young Professionals on innovative designs and concepts for sports, leisure and recreational facilities. More…


08.April 2015 | Awards

High Interest in the IOC/IPC/IAKS Architecture Prizes 2015

The excitedly awaited entries for the 2015 IOC/IAKS Award and IPC/IAKS Distinction arrived shortly before Easter and hence on time at the IAKS Office.


09.January 2015 | Awards

IOC, IPC and IAKS launch 2015 edition of their international architectural prizes

Designers from all over the world are kindly invited to apply with their most successful facility to win one of the two architectural awards for sports, leisure and recreational facilities.


28.August 2014 | Awards

Travelling exhibition in Argentina

A travelling exhibition of the IOC IAKS Award 2013 winning sports and recreational facilities has been initiated by IAKS LAC under the leadership of Vice President Agustin Garcia Puga.