Holmenkollen Ski Jump

The Holmenkollen site has been the cradle of evolution in ski jumping, and the facility has been upgraded and improved more than nineteen times. Its building history represents a form of record or architectural fossil of the discipline’s progress. For the 2011 World Championships, the ski jump was completely redesigned by JDS architects.

The design of the new Holmenkollen Ski Jump with a very classic shape for this kind of facility is of high quality, blending very well into the environment and the slope. It is a single building that cleverly accommodates the various sections and functions and provides well for the needs of athletes and personnel. The adaptation to the natural space is good and allows easy access to the parking spaces and spectator areas.

Although the last renovation responds to the needs of major international competitions, the constantly used facility contains a museum, souvenir shop, lounge, reservation deck, plaza and the necessary ancillary services for day-to-day use in a well-planned layout.