Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena

This Nagano Olympic Memorial Arena was built for the Winter Olympic Games in 1998.

The arena was supposed not only to serve as a first-class competition centre, but also to provide Nagano's citizens with facilities for normal sports and leisure activities. In addition, maximum flexibility was called for to stage a wide range of events.

The impression of the interior of 216 x 80 m ice sports hall is magnificent. The movement of the roof and the side walls creates a sense of spatial expansiveness. An imposing load-bearing frame spans the interior. Externally, the arena impresses with its forceful and decisive form and with its clear choice of materials.

Today, the arena has two recognisable faces: that of a world leading skating arena in winter and as a multifunctional entertainment venue in summer. It is the largest arena in Nagano Prefecture and hosts a variety of events such as sport, music and cultural events.