25th IAKS Congress

The 25th international IAKS Congress on Nov 7 to10, 2017 attracted over 400 visitors and delegations from 39 countries and provided outstanding opportunities for top-level international networking between experts and decision-makers. FSB and the IAKS Congress demonstrated emphatically that they are the world’s foremost business and communication hub of the international sports facility and leisure industry – and hence an invaluable source of ideas and inspiration.

Experts from Europe, Canada, the USA, Russia and Australia presented the global trends in future sports and leisure facilities. These include the growing importance of the multi- functionality of exercise spaces for life-style activities, a stronger focus on universal, accessible design for an ageing society, and the commitment to sustainable construction for the achievement of climate protection targets.


23.October 2015 | Congress

470 attendees from 49 countries

With only a couple of days to go until the 24th IAKS Congress kicks off in Cologne, Germany (27-30 October), we have our latest attendance update.


20.October 2015 | Congress

50 year anniversary of the IAKS

For the 50th anniversary, the IAKS will take a look into the history of sporting and recreational infrastructure. Personal memories of meetings in Cologne, groundbreaking architectural ideas and significant innovations in the sports facility sector will play a role.


16.October 2015 | Congress

From Argentina to Turkey: attendees to converge for 24th IAKS Congress

Attendees from home and abroad seize the opportunity to register prior to the event.


17.September 2015 | Congress

New findings from FIFA’s Quality Programme for Football Turf

The outdoor sports facilities forum will take place for the first time at FSB 2015. The event will open on 27 October 2015 with FIFA's seminar...


17.September 2015 | Congress

Expert advice in big demand

The 24th IAKS Congress has recorded a good level of registrations from home and abroad. In big demand are the 4-day tickets that entitle holders to attend all 13 sessions and workshops.