IAKS Nordic founded

Following the invitation by LOA Fonden which is IAKS member for many years, twelve IAKS members from Denmark, Norway and Sweden met on May 16 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The meeting’s goal was to establish a new IAKS section for members in the Nordic countries.

Since 2016 the number of IAKS members in the Nordic countries has increased significantly and is currently at 16 members. Similar to other countries in Europe, sports and leisure infrastructure over there is past its prime. Modernization is a lively discussed topic as well as the attractiveness of the facilities and if they are still tailored to suit the market needs. The purpose of the IAKS Nordic is to share knowledge of architecture, public planning, operating issues and the use of products in facilities - not only among the Nordic countries but also on an international level.

IAKS Secretary General Klaus Meinel was impressed by the high involvement by the attendees. After having adopted the association’s rules - which was founded according to the Danish law – the Executive Board was elected. Its members are:

President: Lars Hjorth Bærentzen, The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities, Denmark

Vice President: Bjørn Aas, SIAT, The Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim, Norway

Treasurer: Holger Kortbek, Danske Sportsfaciliteter / The Danish Sports Facilities Business and Industry Organisation, Denmark

Ordinary members:

Daniel Glimvert, The Swedish Sports Confederation, Sweden

Robert Petrén, AIX Architects, Sweden

Dr. Nils-Olof Zethrin, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Sweden

Flemming Overgaard, Keingart Architects, Denmark

Andreas Puskas, 3P arkitektur, Sweden (substitute member)