Initial meeting of IAKS Scandinavia

On 18 January, a working group of ten members from Norway, Sweden and Denmark met in Copenhagen, Denmark, to discuss the future establishment of a regional IAKS section in Scandinavia.

The perfect setting for the initial meeting was the “Conference on trends in sports, culture and leisure facilities” with around 200 participants in Copenhagen on 18 January. This conference was hosted by The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities with the support of the IAKS.

The purpose of the future IAKS Scandinavia is to share knowledge of architecture, public planning, operating issues and the use of products in facilities - not only among the Nordic countries but also on an international level.

The IAKS Scandinavia working group consists of Bjorn Aas (SIAT, Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim), Nils-Olof Zethrin (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), Daniel Glimvert (Swedish Sports Confederation), Karin Book (Malmö University, Sweden), Andreas Puskas (3P arkitektur, Sweden), Meho Kapo (3P arkitektur, Sweden), Casper Lindemann (Danish Sports Confederation), Holger Kortbek (, Danish Sports Facilities Business and Industry Organisation), Flemming Overgaard (Keingart, Denmark), Sidsel Hye-Knudsen and Lars Hjorth Baerentzen (both Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities).

Anyone who is interested in getting to know more about IAKS Scandinavia is very welcome to contact Lars Hjorth Baerentzen via e-mail (