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Heating up the Game at Al Tarajy Sports Club

When the Al Tarajy Sports Club in Dammam Saudi Arabia decided to construct two outdoor football pitches, one main field, and one training field, they knew it would be necessary to use the best quality materials available in order to build a sports surface capable of withstanding the harsh desert climate of eastern Saudi Arabia.

In a region where the median high temperature during the summer months soars to well over 40 degrees, ordinary rubber infill granules run the risk of actually melting together to form solid clumps, or baking under the intense UV rays from the sun to become brittle and lose their elasticity, resulting in performance loss, and greatly shortening their usable lifespan. In order for the fields to remain playable under these conditions, they would have to be constructed using top quality rubber infill granules with UV stabilizers, and excellent heat resistance.

STARGUM was able to solve this problem. They have been producing some of the highest quality rubber products in Europe for the past 30 years, and today is one of the most trusted names in sports surface infill products worldwide.

They chose to install infill granules made of EPDM rubber, a type of synthetic rubber known for its outstanding heat, oxygen, and weather resistance. This contributes to the overall longevity of an athletic field, and is an ideal material for constructing sports surfaces which can withstand the intense desert climate of Dammam.

In cooperation with JUTA Grass, an artificial grass supplier from the Czech Republic, STARGUM created an artificial turf system at the Al Tarajy Sports Club which was awarded a 2 star certification by the official FIFA Quality Programme for Football Turf.

The two football pitches have a combined area of 16,000 square metres, and required 260 tonnes of EDPM infill to complete. This infill gives the football pitches the same feel as natural grass fields, and provides cushioning to reduce shock on players’ knees and joints while at the same time creating an optimal surface for superior grip, pain-free sliding, and exceptional performance.

Even under these extreme conditions, the artificial turf system installed by STARGUM at the Al Tarajy Sports Club should last for many continuous years of competitive play.