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Unbelievable skills and tricks

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Thanks to epic skills of acrobatic team Dunking Devils we accomplished another great project presenting our streetbasket and trampolines. How many likes deserve these guys?

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Pernis, Netherlands

We have developed a new drive for telescopic stands - a chain drive. For the first time it was used in the assembly of stands in Pernis, the Netherlands. The advantages of this drive are: it doesn't damage the flooring (advantage primarily on PVC floors), it doesn't require end switches, it is affordable at the level of friction drive, very few competitors have developed such a drive for stands.

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Pechersk School International, Kiev, Ukraine

We equipped the school sports hall with ceiling basketball goals, wall-mounted side-folding basketball goals, volleyball and badminton posts and handball goals. On investor's special wish we installed a multi-coloured stand and two different climbing walls in the hall. Wall bars and other climbers, mats, display boards and protection nets behind the goals added the final touch to the hall. All equipment is properly certified. For Elan Inventa, this hall is one of the best references this year. In a very demanding market, we managed to break through with our comprehensive offer.


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Sports hall at the new Elementary School in Slovenia

We equipped the sports hall at the new Elementary School "Tone Pavček" in Mirna peč with telescopic tribunes, partition curtain and entire equipment for conducting sports competitions and trainings for the needs of the school and the entire municipality. A great project with a very satisfied client. The latter counts the most.


Olympiahalle in Innsbruck, Austria

Olympiahalle is an indoor sports venue located in Innsbruck, Austria. During the 1964 Winter Olympics, it hosted the figure skating and ice hockey events. It was renovated for the IIHF World Championship 2005. The Olympiahalle in Innsbruck has obtained brand new ELAN TRANSFLEX tribunes which can accomodate 588 spectators. 

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The arena hosts a variety of events including concerts, business conferences and exhibitions.

Whatever the number of spectators or layout desired, you can configure our retractable tiered seating into the shape you want to suit your event. Co-ordinating perfectly with flat floor seating, all 7 styllish tribunes are completely mobile and can be used in any hall providing ultimate flexibility.
  • 7 tribunes of 273 seats.
  • Detachable rear loading staircase.
  • LED lighting on stairs.
  • Wood effect panels on rear.
  • Smart padded and upholstered seats. Fully carpeted throughout.



Two Belgian sports halls

Elan Inventa has finished two projects in Belgium. A sports hall of the Lucerna College in Anderlecht and the hall of the Police Academy in Asse were both equipped with telescopic stands. Both halls were also equipped with a lot of other sport equipment.Besides the telescopic stands that were installed in both halls, Elan Inventa also supplied wall-mounted baskets, wall bars, equipment for volleyball and badminton, mats and soft wall protection. For the first time Elan Inventa manufactured a dividing curtain, which was made according to customer’s wishes, with a printed logo of Lucerna College.

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National Indoor Arena Dublin

Opened in January 2017, the Sport Ireland National Indoor Arena is the new flagship facility at the National Sports Campus of Dublin. In addition to two dividing curtains, Elan Inventa supplied the Dublin arena with 6 blocks of telescopic stands.The fully accessible, multi-sport and multi-purpose arena, is the newest of its kind in Europe. Built to the highest world class standards and specifications, it will ensure that Ireland has the best facility for indoor sports and events, which can be used by Irish sporting bodies, high performance athletes and the general public.All of the 6 new blocks are transportable using airbags. The risers are metal, which provides a really nice appearance of the stands. One block can be divided into halves and thus renders it possible to transport it out of the hall with a forklift and use it in a gymnastic hall, which is located in 200 m distant building.

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New stands for two arenas in Denmark

Elan installed a new stand with 1.400 seats in the Aabenraa Arena in Denmark. Opening and closing of the stand is fully automated. The stands are adapted also for disabled persons. Elan installed 12 folding desks at seating positions, which are intended for journalists. Stands are featured with an important innovation allowing the user to open or close stands also in case of power or engine failure.Another stand with over 1.600 seats was installed in the Danish Skanderborg Arena. The stand opens and closes automatically. In a closed position it is stored under a balcony. In this project Elan has developed special sensors, which control the opening and closing of the stand, as well as sensors for balcony fences. 

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Telescopic stands for Swiss Tennis Centre

The city of Biel in Switzerland assigned a special street to Roger Federer, where the Swiss tennis association set up a development tennis centre with tennis hall. This exceptional facility comprises only premium equipment, including two telescopic stands from Elan.Both stands in total with over 82 metres have 18 rows and can take 2,550 spectators. The construction allows a partial opening of individual rows and fully automatic opening and closing on the underlayment plates, which protect the flooring. Special lasers provide for the accuracy and reliability of extending. This is already the third project of Elan in Switzerland within the last six months.

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Telescopic stand for EXPO 2017

Elan Inventa produced and installed a high-quality telescopic stand with over 2.000 seats for the new multifunctional congress hall in Astana, Kazakhstan.Due to the complexity of the facility and short delivery times, several innovative technical and organizational solutions were used in the implementation of the project. The stand consists of five blocks. It has 20 rows of power driven platforms, 2 inner tunnels, LED-lighting of stairways and tunnels, and safety railings with a poly-carbonate filler.All platforms are upholstered and all chairs are padded. All stand components were shipped by 14 trucks, and the assembly by our reinforced team lasted almost two months. Depending on the needs of each event, a platform can be completely folded against the hall wall and can thus provide additional space for various events.Special platforms for VIP seats were installed on the stand for the opening ceremony. The opening was attended by 25 Heads of State and Government and other distinguished guests, among them leaders of Kazakhstan, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, the Spanish king Felipe VI and UN Secretary-General António Gutteres. 

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Outstanding TransFlex telecopic stands

Fully developed by Elan, the TransFlex telecopic stands deliver complex technical solutions which meet the high standards of quality, execution and design demanded by the German market. The most important advantage of TransFlex is its mobility. After Leipzig, the state-of-the-art mobile telescopic seating system TransFlex was installed in another German town, Emden, in a project worth more than half a million euro.#elaninventa @elaninventa

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Stands and seats installed at modern concert hall

In Dübendorf near Zürich Elan Inventa equipped the most modern concert hall in Switzerland. The hall was fitted out with transportable, laser-guided telescopic stands as well as with fixed stands on the balcony.In closed position, the telescopic stands can be freely transported and used anywhere on the site. Fully upholstered chairs and upholstery meet the strictest fire-resistance standards. All the chairs also have arm-rests for maximum comfort.

The stands are designed to offer maximum flexibility, enabling you to transform a part of the stands into the foot platform. This foot platform can, if necessary, be used as a mixing console.The hall, which can accommodate up to 5,000 people, is intended for congresses, concerts and various events and presentations at the highest level.

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