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New cathedral for aquatic sports

People all over the globe are captivated by major sporting events such as the Olympic Games and world championships. This also applies to the 17th FINA World Aquatics Championships which took place in Budapest in July 2017. The Duna Aréna as the main competition venue is impressive for its special position, striking architecture and pools in a class of their own. German-made ceramic tiles of the AGROB BUCHTAL brand have had a major hand in this.

Originally, Budapest was chosen as the venue for the next World Championships but one in 2021, but host city Guadalajara pulled out. As a result, the plans for Budapest were revised and brought forward. In March 2015, FINA gave its assent, and by spring 2017 most of the essential world championship facilities for the Duna Aréna had been completed at record speed.

Viewed from outside, the building conveys an impression of confidence and lightness thanks to the elevant, wavelike bands along the sides. For the surrounds of all the pools, Agrob Buchtal’s modern System Finland was chosen: the sloping, beach-like pool surround inhibits wave rebound, so swimmers in the outer lines are not put at a disadvantage. In conjunction with the constant water depth of the competition pool of 3 m instead of the usual 2.20 m, this creates ideal conditions for swimmers. The other aspects of the ceramic pools also meet the requirements of FINA, essential for the validity of official records. For the tiles of the ChromaPlural series in the pools, the classic, restrained colours of white and blue were chosen to prevent distraction of the swimmers and to provide a professional stage for top-class sport.



Newly-designed tile system

Swimming pools are subject to high functional and aesthetic demands: for example the respective hygiene or anti-slip aspects must be complied with but, above all, guests should feel completely at home.

The Solution: ChromaPlural. It is a newly-designed tile system offered by AGROB BUCHTAL. Colours and sizes have a modular design and are carefully co-ordinated. Accordingly, this “ceramic kit” enables a high degree of design freedom for comprehensive floor and wall concepts. However the components are combined, the result is always compelling.


The new colour range is based on a clear structure as the specially developed colour circle shows. It comprises 50 shades divided up into cool, fresh, sunny, warm, earthy and neutral colour spaces, whereby nomen est omen for the ambience which can be created – representing a true El Dorado for the creative design of swimming pools and adjacent areas such as spa facilities, showers, pool rims, saunas, lobbies, corridors, restaurants etc. Add to this one specific advantage of ceramic as a material: it remains color-fast even when subject to intensive illumination, sunshine or aggressive media.

The 30-odd sizes cover a scale of 1 x 1 cm mosaics to large formats such as 50 x 100 cm, permitting the formation of elegantly slim joints and including both octametric and decimal sizes.   

The system ChromaPlural is rounded off by the advantages of the innovative HT-coating, which is is factory-applied. Tiles with HT-coating are extremely easy to clean, have an antibacterial effect without chemicals and break down unpleasant odours as well as pollutants.

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