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Innovative sports equipment

How a sports facility is equipped depends essentially on its envisaged use. In practice, it has been found that different user groups often compete with one another. And this imposes increasingly complex demands on sports facilities and their sports equipment. Multifunctionalism, easy and safe operation, rapid erection and dismantling, and not least design are becoming increasingly important. At the same time, an eye has to be kept on the cost of a facility. Reconciling these various requirements is a major challenge for designers and clients.

As Germany’s leading sports equipment manufacturer, BENZ has responded to this trend early on and developed a number of items of innovative sports equipment that meet these requirements. The MULTI MOTION CENTER, for example, combines the classical elements of a climbing bar system with modular exercise elements. The system can be quickly and easily retracted into an impact wall, so the hall is again available for all user groups.

The latest development from BENZ, the MULTICROSS, is based on a similar principle. This is where the function of wall bars has been adopted and modified to create a multifunctional exercise unit fully integrated in the impact wall. BENZ brings all user groups to the discussion table at the planning stage in order to develop a forward-looking sports equipment strategy. With its multifunctional sports equipment, BENZ makes an important contribution to the realisation of high-grade, functional and sustainable sports facilities.

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