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Best lighting conditions

A new mecca for climbing fans has been available since mid-2016 in Telfs, located around 30 kilometres from Innsbruck in Austria. At the “Bergstation“, recreational sportsmen, amateur/professional climbers and boulderers can scale 80 routes within a climbing area of more than 1,000 square metres both indoors and outdoors. Osram has developed a customised, high-performance and efficient LED lighting solution for the climbing centre, enabling cost-efficient operation of the system and contributing to climbers having ideal sight and therefore a safe grip throughout.

Osram Lighting Solutions drew up an exacting lighting concept for the Telfs Climbing Centre in the Tyrol region: the operators stipulated standard-compliant, glare-free lighting with high contrast and low shadowing. Simultaneously, the lighting solution had to be highly flexible and guarantee uniform lighting because the climbing routes are frequently modified and optimum visual comfort must always be ensured. The specific technical challenge was to illuminate the climbing walls with as little glare as possible, primarily in the overhang sections and outdoor facilities.

After an intensive inspection of the routes and an analysis of conditions on location, the Osram specialists specified LED trunking luminaires and LED floodlights as the main lighting solutions for the climbing facility. Bright general lighting throughout for indoors is implemented with the Modario PS LED trunking system, with LED track spotlights setting flexible accents. The high lumen-output, uniform illumination of the lead climbing hall and the climbing walls outdoors is implemented with Floodlight 20 Midi LED projectors.


Professional soccer lighting

Nordichallen is a modern exhibition and soccer hall with a mobile full-size artificial pitch located north of Sundsvall. It is the home of GIF Sundsvall, a club playing in the All­svenskan, the Swedish premier league, which uses the hall for daily training, indoor tournaments and friendly games. Thanks to Osram, Nordichallen’s lighting has also been of premier-league standard since 2016. Osram Lighting Solutions planned and implemented a new LED hall lighting system which not only saves about 65% energy but also meets the professional lighting requirements of the Swedish football association.

Good lighting is required where speed, precision and on-the-spot decisions are important – for players, referees and spectators. The rule of thumb for sports lighting is that the faster the sport and the smaller the ball, the more light is required – horizontal and especially vertical illuminance levels are essential for spatial awareness.

After careful planning and exact calculations, the existing 500 conventional HID luminaires with 400 W each were replaced with 411 innovative LED luminaires with 181 W each from the Osram subsidiary Siteco in 2016. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and excellent efficiency they have increased the average lighting level in the hall from 400 lux to 800 lux. The LS160 LED luminaires provide a significantly better quality of light and enable spectators to look directly at the light thanks to satinised prismatic optics for reduced glare. And that is not all. It provides flicker-free light for video recordings – from cell phones to HDTV with super slow motion. (Photo: Effektgruppen AB).




Osram celebrates 110th birthday

High-performance sport meets high-performance lighting: Osram crowned the celebrations commemorating the 110th brand anniversary with a spectacular event at the top of the Zugspitze. Eight members of Germany’s championship winning team, EHC Red Bull Munich, played an evening ice-hockey game in front of a stunning Alpine backdrop, with the help of high-tech lighting provided by Osram.

The rink and its surrounding area were illuminated by floodlights and effect lighting from Osram, turning the event into an impressive mountain-top spectacle. With the game taking place in the background, the Munich lighting company unveiled its latest world first to a broader public. In 2017, the company will be introducing LED lighting integrated into fabrics. Compared with passive elements such as reflectors and signal colours, active lighting considerably improves the visibility and conspicuousness of safety clothing and sportswear. In the ice hockey game on the Zugspitze, at an altitude of just under 3,000 metres, this technology was exposed to extreme conditions. The modern LEDs from Osram, integ­rated into the clothing, helmets and puck, showed how they can cope with tough sports and freezing temperatures.

In the course of its birthday festivities, Osram has already completed two spectacular lighting projects – the commemorative video projection at the German Patent Office in Berlin and the illumination of the façade of the Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome, also celebrating its 110th birthday in 2016. The company has now brought its gala activities to a worthy conclusion by turning the spotlight on this high-vis ice hockey game featuring stars from the EHC Red Bull Munich club. Osram has been the lighting partner of the German ice hockey champion since 2014.



Flicker-free floodlight

The skater scene at the new skate park in Karlsruhe, Germany, is delighted with the excellent conditions for spectacular recordings in super-slow motion thanks to innovative lighting from Osram. The new Floodlight 20 generation of LED floodlights guarantees not only perfect lighting conditions for the stunts of skaters, inliners and BMX riders but also enables the flicker-free recording of skating tricks in super-slow motion.

When it comes to lighting, those who build sports facilities are concerned not only to create the optimum conditions for the event directly on site. For today, moving images and live streaming are also highly important, and filming the world’s best athletes in super slow-motion is already a part of today’s professional TV technology. Essential for this is state-of-the-art lighting technology – and the same applies to leisure sport and recording with smartphones and video cameras. “A lot of filming goes on during skating. Recordings in super-slow motion are especially popular because these best communicate the abilities of the individual athletes as well as a strong sense of emotion. In this respect it’s important that the slow motion is flicker-free. This we’ve achieved with the lighting,” explains Ingo Naschold, Managing Director of the design consultancy DSGN concepts from Münster. “For the construction of the new skate park in Karlsruhe we found in Osram a partner that has enabled implementation of this creative concept professionally and with the best possible lighting technology.“

The leisure facility in the Otto-Dullenkopf Park in Karlsruhe was given a complete refurbishment in 2016. The specific requirements for the lighting strategy were identified at an earlier workshop that documented the needs of the system in cooperation with the skating community.
OSRAM Lighting Solutions



The 2016 UEFA European Championship kicked off on 10 June in the French national stadium near Paris with the opening match between France and Romania - and with floodlights provided by Osram. Osram has equipped not only the stadium in Paris, but also the stadiums in Lille and Marseille with state-of-the-art lighting technology. “We’ve been supplying the world’s largest sports arenas with the best lighting for decades. As a complete solution provider we’re able to illuminate everything from a single source, ranging from parking lots, stadium façades and access routes to indoor spaces and the playing field itself,” stated Dr. Eladia Pulido, Head of the Osram Lighting Solutions business division.

With a capacity of more than 81,000 spectators, the French national stadium is the largest stadium of this year’s host country (Foto: Getty Images Sport / Xavier Laine). A total of seven matches will take place at the location for the European soccer championship, including the final on 10 July 2016. The new floodlight installation for the stadium was sourced from Osram. Consisting of 477 SiCompact R3 luminaires, the system enables brilliant and high-definition quality pictures that even top the standards required by the international football association regarding lighting quality on the playing field. The soccer stadium in Marseille, the second-largest stadium in France, was expanded in capacity to 67,000 seats for Euro 2016. The specification for lighting consisted of creating an impressive appearance for the sports location on the outside, thereby establishing atmosphere and emotion. This has been achieved thanks to the dynamically adjustable light installation from Traxon installed on the undulating façade and roof construction. The system enables colour chases with smooth transitions as well as special effects such as stroboscopic lighting when a goal has been scored. In addition to façade lighting, the floodlighting system was also sourced from Osram. A real eyecatcher is the semi-transparent Traxon media façade at the stadium in Lille. A combination of honeycombed steel mesh and individually controllable LEDs transforms the façade into a giant, transparent screen for displaying images and films with lively colours.



Osram Lighting Solutions makes cities even smarter

Innovative products for tomorrow's clever towns and cities – as part of this year's Light + Building in Frankfurt, Osram Lighting Solutions will be showing innovative luminaires, intelligent light management systems and a wide range of services across six different sectors for tomorrow's intelligent cities. The spectrum ranges from 'smart-city-ready' outdoor luminaires with parking sensors to sensor and control kits for intelligent, efficient lighting solutions in industrial and office buildings. "Towns and cities in the future will become more intelligent thanks to luminaires and solutions from Osram," stated Eladia Pulido, CEO of the Lighting Solutions business division. The Osram stand at Light + Building is located, as in previous years, in the familiar ‘Festhalle’ building.

Roads and outdoor applications: The new Street Light Control generation

In the smart city sector Osram Lighting Solutions will be showing a new generation of the Street Light Control system (SLC RF) that connects luminaires in a network wirelessly via radio, based on the new, open IPv6 internet standard. An intelligent radio component in the outdoor luminaire and an integrated antenna make the luminaires 'smart-city-ready'. In a first step, the Streetlight 10, Streetlight 20 and DL 50 LED outdoor luminaires will be equipped with the new wireless system. Information is wirelessly transmitted from light head to light head and communicated with a router via internet to the central control point. The system's high flexibility enables it to intelligently search for another path if a unit fails,
thus remaining fully functional, and this radio network has the ability to become the backbone for completely new smart city services as a comprehensive information network. Efficient parking space management becomes possible for example by integrating specific sensors.


New Lighting Partner of SK Rapid Wien

For the start of the new football season, Osram is the official lighting partner of SK Rapid Wien and will illuminate the new Allianz Stadium in Vienna, the grounds of the Austrian record holder. The Osram subsidiary companies Siteco and Traxon will supply not only the floodlight system but also complete lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications and will focus mainly on innovative and highly efficient LED technologies. The floodlight installation consists of Siteco SiCompact R3 floodlights with 2000 W lamps from Osram and special electronic control units that illuminate the stadium in absolutely flicker-free light, a factor especially important for super slow-motion sequences with HDTV broadcasting. This technology is currently being used in just a few stadiums around the world. “Our company’s managed a hat-trick, because we’re now supplying floodlight for the highly successful Vienna team for the third time in succession,” stated a pleased Heinrich Sachs, Managing Director, Austria for Osram and Siteco.

Designing sports locations efficiently and effectively with light is a main focus of Osram. “We’ve been illuminating the world’s largest sports arenas in optimum light for decades now and we’re pleased to equip the Allianz Stadium in Vienna with the most up-to-date stadium lighting in Austria,” said Dr Eladia Pulido, Head of Osram Lighting Solutions. “As a complete solution provider, we’re able to illuminate everything from a single source, ranging from parking lots and stadium facades to indoor rooms and playing fields,” emphasised Pulido. This is admirably demonstrated by current reference projects such as the San Mamés Stadium in Bilbao (Spain), the Melbourne Cricket Ground (Australia) and many stadiums for large football events. During the 2014 major football event in Brazil for example, seven of the twelve stadiums were equipped with Osram lighting technology.

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Innovative lighting solutions

Prior to the European Games in Baku, Osram equipped the National Gymnastics Arena in Azerbaijan’s capital city with an innovative and dynamic lighting system. 600 Traxon Wall Washer Shield AC XB bathe the facade of the arena in colourful light to create impressive combinations such as the national colours of Azerbaijan. 10 transparent screens implemented with a total of 11 km of Traxon media tubes, and constructed to provide supplementary mechanical stability, were fixed to the facade of the sports facility. The sophisticated e:cue control solution activates automatically with the coming of night to then switch off in the morning hours. Pre-programmed sequences play graphic animations and various colour chases across the screens.

Siteco floodlights were installed, illuminating the Baku Olympic Stadium and the nearby warm-up areas, and more than 600 Siteco R3 Maxi 2000W projectors with hot re-ignition are now used for HDTV-compliant pitch lighting. In addition, a further 240 Siteco floodlights and projectors with a variety of distribution characteristics have been installed for stand lighting, providing ideal lighting conditions for both spectators and players. The interiors have also been fitted with more than 25 km of Osram LINEARLight Power Flex for cove lighting. The new multi-functional arena has seating capacity for 68,000 spectators and complies with maximum technical UEFA and FIFA specifications. It will become the home stadium for the Azerbaijan national football team following the first European Games in 2015 and will also be a broadcasting location for the European football championships EURO 2020.

The European Games is an international sports competition with an Olympic character, taking place for the first time from 12 June 2015 onwards, and the Baku Olympic Stadium and the National Gymnastics Arena are two of the total of 18 sports locations.

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