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Summer ice rink in Los Angeles

Ice-World Ice-Business GmbH has built a summer skating rink at the County Fair & OC Fair in Los Angeles. The visitors were able to skate on real ice in warm weather. With the unique mobile aluminium coolant pipework from Ice-World Ice-Business, ice skating on real ice is possible even in the summer at temperatures of over 30°C. Even if modern ice technology is impressive, there are also certain limitations imposed by the laws of nature.

The ice surface has to be protected from direct sunlight during the day with sun shade sails as well as from warm winds, as otherwise the ice can become a little wet on the surface. In the evening hours and overnight the ice remains dry even at very high outside temperatures. In Los Angeles, the ice rink was built by Ice-World Ice-Business and its partner Ice-America. The skating rink was a phenomenal success, and users were delighted that ice skating was possible on real ice even in this warm weather.

Because of these impressive feats of the modern ice technology of Ice-World Ice-Business, AIDA Cruises has already launched a temporary ice rink on its new flagship AIDAprima, purchased from Ice-World Ice-Business. It is the world’s first ice rink to allow ice skating outdoors on a cruise ship. The ice rink is located on the top deck from November to March. Guests can enjoy winter activities such as ice skating, ice hockey, curling and ice biking, and workshops are even offered by professional coaches from Holiday on Ice. Thanks to this sensational success, the next new ship AIDAperla will be equipped with an ice rink from Ice-World Ice-Business this winter. A holiday on ice is now reality.

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