Pools and leisure facilities

Issue 6/2014 - The last “sb” of 2014 also offers swimming pools from the Netherlands and Czech Republic and by the Baltic Sea in which open-air pool structures have been married with the offerings of contemporary indoor pools, with masterly consideration and utilisation of the existing topography.

Publication date: 22 December.
Advertising deadline: 22 November.


  • Water, pure and simple - Riehen natural pool
  • Expecting the unexpected - Faaborg Harbour Bath
  • The name says it all - CabrioLi in Lippstadt
  • Beating heart - “De Geusselt“ in Maastricht
  • The perfect wave - Indoor swimming pool in Litomyšl
  • Spirit of adventure - “Entdeckerbad“ in Damp
  • Light & well-being - Health in a new light
  • Extremely durable - Foil roof in Munich can support more than 60 tons of snow
  • Street workout course - Calisthenics equipment for a public space in Delbrück
  • Retrofit at TV Hechtsheim - Historic sports hall resplendent in new LED lighting
  • Arctic World - Snow and ice amusement park
  • Wie Holz, nur besser geeignet - Terrassendielen im Wülfrather Hallenbad