In the sixth and last “sb” of 2016, we are presenting among other things sports and aquatic centres in Canada and United Kingdom, a brine spa in Austria and an unusual sauna project in Finland. These are joined by three intriguing conversions: a former military accommodation building in Switzerland has been turned into a school swimming pool, a spoil tip in Belgium into a play and climbing area and a Victorian seaside promenade in England into a BMX and skate park.

Sports facilities like swimming pools, sports halls, outdoor facilities and artificial ice rinks are usually initiated and controlled by the public sector. Since the decision makers, particularly in smaller municipalities, are only confronted with such sports facility projects every 20 to 30 years, they are often incorrectly tackled. For sports facilities as properties run by operating companies, this can have serious consequences, as over the facility’s life cycle the operating costs exceed the investment costs by a wide margin. The right project procedure boosts the changes of success of a sports facility project, improves its functionality and saves time and money.