Sports halls and arenas

In issue 1/2015 we are showing you school sports halls from Switzerland, Spain and Germany – with entirely different points of departure and budgets, but all with exemplary solutions.



Pools and leisure facilities

Issue 6/2014 - The last “sb” of 2014 also offers swimming pools from the Netherlands and Czech Republic and by the Baltic Sea in which open-air pool structures have been married with the offerings of contemporary indoor pools, with masterly consideration and utilisation of the existing topography.




Issue 5/2014 - Many sports facilities are hailed as being highly sustainable. But what does this mean? Is sustainability merely a promotional slogan? And can large sports facilities ever been truly sustainable?



Pools and wellness facilities

Issue 4/2014 - In high summer and the holiday season, swimming pools are naturally a fitting topic. Nevertheless, we are not confining ourselves to outdoor pools, bathing ponds and giant slides – competitive swimming along with relaxation and recreation are also possible subjects. What do you associate summer with?



The stadia for the football World Cup in Brazil

Issue 3/2014 - is presenting the twelve stadiums for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil you have seen many times on television over the last few weeks. All twelve – modernised, comprehensively overhauled or built from scratch – set out with the aspiration of paying tribute, architecturally and functionally, to the standing of football in the land that has won the most World Cup trophies.



Sport in the urban environment

Issue 2/2014 - Urban sports activities take place in many kinds of sports facilities and exercise spaces, i.e. in traditional sports facilities like the small sports ground around the corner or the new school gymnasium as well as in informal spaces and zones like playgrounds and skate parks.



Sports halls and arenas

Issue 1/2014 - Sports halls and arenas

The Old Hellerup secondary school in Denmark is an example of unobtrusive architecture. Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG, went to school here and extending the range of (games) opportunities was therefore dear to his heart – and also a subject of our issue on sports halls and arenas.