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(2014 Reader Survey)


04.July 2014 | sb Magazine

"sb" 3/2014: Grand stage - Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador

Just a glance at the new Arena Fonte Nova reveals the stadium’s horseshoe shape with its opening to the south – adopted from the predecessor stadium on the same site. The design by Schulitz und Partner combines the character of the old stadium with modern elements and an innovative new roof design.


03.July 2014 | sb Magazine

"sb" 3/2014: Concrete giants - Arena Castelão in Fortaleza

The main goal of remodelling Arena Castelão was to transform the stadium in a multi-functional, sustainable arena. The Castelão Arena was designed to be a place for urban events.


01.July 2014 | sb Magazine

"sb" 2/2014: All-rounder - Activity area at Skåde School

Climbing walls, a parkour facility and manmade climbing trees. In the activity park at Skåde School in the Danish city of Århus, children of all ages can play, excercise and give their imagination free reins.


25.June 2014 | sb Magazine

"sb" 3/2014: In the heart of the rainforest - Arena da Amazônia in Manaus

The city of Manaus with its population of over a million is located in the jungle right on the River Amazon. 1,500 km from the sea, what was once the city of rubber is now a finance centre in a free trade zone with global trading links. The fascinating cultural heritage of this city and the magnificent backdrop of the rainforest make it highly attractive as a tourist destination.


16.June 2014 | sb Magazine

"sb" 2/2014: Independent - Velodrome for Medellín

The New Velodrome for the City of Medellín synthesizes two seemingly incompatible spatial conditions: an insular, formally specific sports infrastructure and a permeable, open public space.