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“sb” is the world’s foremost specialist magazine for sports architecture and the construction, modernization and management of sports and leisure facilities. With different topics, each of the six issues per year presents the latest industry trends in the international sports facility development.

“sb” examines design principles and functional requirements of modern sports and leisure facilities. It also presents the latest technologies and product developments.

“sb“ has been published by the IAKS since 1967.

“sb“ appears in three languages (English, German and Spanish) in 156 countries worldwide. These are mainly German-speaking countries and the rest of Europe as well as North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia.

According to a readers’ survey, each issue of “sb” is read by an average of 6.6 people. Over 80% pick up the magazine more than once, and 66% spend up to an hour or more reading “sb”. 63% of readers use the advertisements contained in “sb” as an aid to decision-making.


14.October 2014 | sb Magazine
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"sb" 4/2014: Slowing down - InselBad & DünenSpa on Spiekeroog

Anyone wishing to slow down will find an excellent opportunity to do so on the car-free North Sea island of ­Spiekeroog and particularly at the InselBad & ­DünenSpa, that opened in November 2013, with its ubiquitous quotations from the surrounding landscape.


30.September 2014 | sb Magazine
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"sb" 4/2014: Urban legend - Molitor in Paris

Molitor is not only a building, it is also a urban legend. First opened in 1929 with the Olympic swimming champions Johnny Weissmuller and Aileen Riggin Soule, Molitor has been the scene of many Pari­sian events, like the presentation of the first bikini.


16.September 2014 | sb Magazine
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"sb" 4/2014: Complete package - Competition and leisure pool in Differdange

The AQUASUD competition and leisure pool has been built under a public-private partnership in the “Parc des Sports” in Differdange (Luxemburg) next to a football stadium with training pitches and a multi-storey car park.